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02 September 2011 @ 01:27 am
Pimping Sam Winchester answers your mail. Comm.  
Would you like mail from Sam Winchester? Or alternativley someone else, who is known to Sammy? Like one of the many angels from the show; be they from Heaven, earthbound or the falen. Then come on over to the community here and pen you mail today. Alternatively, you could join the crew as our Sammy is wondering where a number of people still are. If you are a member of the crew and would like to make yourself know, please follow this information on the profile page. If you're wondering who Sammy's Girl is; she's the Head Mod. She will also answer to Lil,SG, Sammy's Girl, Mod Goddess (As dubbed by Dean) or Goddess of Sparkles (as dubbed by Gabriel)..

If you're a member of the character crew, your little person will be added to our ever evolving banner, found on our profile page. If you would like to create other art for this comm, and I'm sure we could get the Puppy to give you a small squee and a happy dance, if you did.
Sam: I'm going to, do what? Why would I do that?
Sammy's Girl: Give a small squee. You know like a joyous happy noise. Like what fan girls, err, fan boys make. Please Sammy, for the fans.
Sam: Alright, alright. Just stop with the big eyes. It's making me uncomfortable Just so long as I don't get any grief from Dean.
Sammy's Girl: I'm sure you'll have nothing to worry about. I'll have a pie at the ready for him, if he does.

If you would like to become a member of the crew, you can view the list of characters on the profile page. As seen on our current banner above made by chef_geekier We are on the look out for any of the angels, other than Castiel, Gabriel (and recently Lucifer) of course. Plus a whole ton of other people. If you find your person is not there, you can suggest them. Then a tag will be made for them as well. You can either request your character via the system on the profile or visit the thread HERE and stake your claim. You are allowed to play more than one person, so if there are two people you would love to play then pop on over. First come, first served, so be quick.

Sam: Ah, there's my girl. Have you seen Bobby, Ellen, Jo, the other angels or even the otehr demons?
Sammy's Girl: Not as yet, but I'm pretty sure they're on the way.

So join us over at Sammy's Mail Box You don't have to be a member of the crew, you might just like to have some mail from someone there instead.
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